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17 Oct 2014 Germany, we come back to you once again! On Saturday November 22nd we will play on the stage of the Stadthalle Mörfelden-Walldorf for the eleventh edition of Mö-Wa Rockt. We wait for you there...


14 Oct 2014 Dear friends, a little dream finally becomes reality, on Saturday November 8th, we will share the stage with with a legendary American band: the progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning! We wait for you at Audiodrome Rock Club in Moncalieri (IT) for an unforgettable night where two other Italian bands will play: Headless and Airborn. For info and tickets, visit Ticketone.it.

Rustfield supporting Fates Warning

04 Aug 2014 Massacre Records is label of the month August on Amazon.de! That’s why there’s a FREE sampler available as well as fantastic bargains. Check it out on the following link.

22 May 2014 Here is a great news for you all. Davide is recording the last tracks of his first guitar solo album, entitled "Aside"! Here’s, as a gift for you, a preview of the song "The mouse trap" featured by special guests such as Marco Minnemann (Aristocrats) on drums and Anna Portalupi (Tarja Turunen, Hardline) on bass guitar.

27 Mar 2014 Do you remember that some weeks ago we asked you to vote for our debut "Kingdom of rust", as favourite Massacre Records release of 2013? Now the label has published the results, we scored the 5th rank among more than 35 albums! Thank you very much for your support, we hope to see you soon on the road...

Favourite Massacre Records releases of 2013

15 Feb 2014 The new design of Rustfield’s website goes online! It is composed by the artworks that Candace Hoeckley created for our debut album "Kingdom of rust". We hope you will like it as much as we do!

05 Feb 2014 Dear friends if you liked our debut album "Kingdom of rust", please take 30 seconds of your time and vote for it as your favourite Massacre Records release of 2013! You do not need any account or log-in, no spam risk, just three mouse clicks... Thank you very much for your support!

06 Dec 2013 Our label Massacre Records released "Kingdom of rust" the first studio album by Rustfield! It contains the best that the band has composed since its foundation, in 2007, and throughout a period of time that ends with the beginning of the recordings, in September 2011. Rustfield have mastered the concept of "progressive rock/metal" by composing melodies which incorporate various nuances and musical atmospheres; within "Kingdom of Rust" you can find tracks which entwine classic heavy metal with electronic and psychedelic ambiences, acoustic and melodic pieces of work merged with rhythmical joints pertaining to a more progressive style, everything bound altogether for more than 60 minutes of music. Moreover, the debut album is featured by many special guests such as: John Macaluso (Symphony X, ex Y.J. Malmsteen) on drums, Federica De Boni (White Skull) on vocals, Douglas R. Docker (Docker's Guild, ex Biloxi) on keyboards.

Rustfield's debut album "Kingdom of Rust"!

10 Nov 2013 Friends, the release date of our "Kingdom of rust", our debut album, is coming closer. We would like to share the result of all these years of work with a special evening where we will perform the album in its entirety! You can listen to all the eleven songs that, just for that occasion, will be played with all the instruments used for the recordings: classic and acoustic guitars, piano and contrabass, all on the stage and live! Heavy metal meets electronics, progressive and psychedelic, you can not miss it... You will of course find our album available for purchasing in CD format as well as the new t-shirts with the new band logo and the album’s artwork! See you in Rivoli at the legendary venue Maison Musique!

Kingdom of Rust album release party

28 Oct 2013 Our label Massacre Records has just released, through its official YouTube channel, a pre-listening full track from our upcoming debut album, "Waxhopes"! The song is featured by all the special guests that play on the record: John Macaluso (Symphony X, ex Y.J. Malmsteen) on drums, Federica De Boni (White Skull) on vocals and Douglas R. Docker (Docker’s Guild, ex Biloxi) on keyboards. Enjoy your listening!

22 Oct 2013 Here there some dates of the next Rustfield’s gigs for this autumn. On November we will play for the first time in Genova guested by our friends Rain, band that we already met on the regional final act of Emergenza Festival. Afterards we will step the stage of Mö-Wa Rockt Festival, in Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany, for the third time. The most awaited gig will be on December, when the release party of our debut album "Kingdom of rust" will take place in Rivoli, in a very popular venue, Maison Musique. On that night we will perform our first album entirely!
To sum up:

09 Nov 2013, Genova (IT)
23 Nov 2013, Mörfelden-Walldorf (DE)
14 Dec 2013, Rivoli (IT)

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10 Oct 2013 Dear friends, here it is the new Rustfield’s logo! Since the moment we chose the band’s name, back in 2008, we had the idea to create a logo intertwined with barbed wire but in that period, for technical reasons, we opted to use a font that we liked, the one that you all know, allowing ourselves to change it in future. That day has come! Directly from Andrea’s pencil, with the technical support of Simone Ronfetto, Rustfield’s new logo is finally shown and is now part of the cover artwork of the debut album "Kingdom of rust", out on December 6th 2013 by Massacre Records!

Rustfield's new logo

05 Jul 2013 The date of the worldwide release of our debut album "Kingdom of rust" is set on December 6th 2013. Take a look on the schedule page on Massacre Records’ official website and spread the word around...

19 Jun 2013 Flash news! We will perform a brief showcase, through the prestigious Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi of Torino, in the Torino Music Fest 2013, a great opportunity to mix together two kinds of music often far away one to each other, classical music and heavy metal! See you on Friday June 21st, since 17:00, in the wonderful 16th century venue of Palazzo Barolo in the hystorical centre of Torino.

Festa della Musica, Torino 2013

22 May 2013 We have been kindly invited to take part of the regional final act of Emergenza Festival! We will play on Saturday June 1st at Hiroshima Mon Amour in Torino, Italy, the place where, two years ago, we stepped the stage for the very first time!

Emergenza Festival regional final

01 Apr 2013 Dear friends, the so long awaited moment has finally come... we signed our first record deal! We will join forces with Massacre Records, a twenty years experienced German label, for the worldwide publishing of our debut album "Kingdom of rust" which will be brought to light in Autumn 2013 approximately. We know that the wait for the reaching of this important winning post has been long but, as you know, the recording industry’s crisis has forced debutant band, as us, to evaluate every move extremely carefully. We are sure that this collaboration with Massacre will give our music the right support for promotion and distribution, giving every progressive rock metal lover the chance to enjoy our debut album. A big thank you goes to our families, to our friends, fans and to all the musicians and technicians that supported us through the years and, everybody in his own way, helped us to reach an adequate level so we could sign this contract. The first Rustfield’s chapter ends today, a new one, harder than the previous, unfolds before us. Will you be with us?

Massacre Records, indipendent heavy metal label from Abstatt, Germany

08 Mar 2013 After passing the preliminary heat on January, Rustfield are going to perform for the second time at band contest Emergenza Festival! On Saturday April 6th at Audiodrome Live Club in Moncalieri, Italy, will you be there to support the band?

Emergenza Festival regional semifinal

22 Jan 2013 We are proud to announce that Davide Ronfetto, our guitar player and co-writer, had become official endorser of Essetipcks, a company making an innovative kind of picks for giutar and bass! The goal of Stephen "Steve" Tommasi, owner and craftsman of the company, is to developae an innovative "sandiwch" structure for picks that can make a whole series of upgrades as: better touch, better comfort, better grip, greater confidence and fluency for a speed increase in playing estimated in the 10% - 15%. Take a look to Essetipicks official webpage and discover the new frontier of guitar and bass picking!

Essetipicks - hand crafted picks

18 Dec 2012 We are proud to announce that 3 members of Rustfield will join Docker’s Guild live line-up for the Album Release party for "The Mystic Technocracy, Season One: The Age of Ignorance" on February 23rd at Audiodrome, Moncalieri! Davide will replace Guthrie Govan (Asia) and Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) on guitar, Andrea will replace John Payne (Asia), Goran Edman (Y.J. Malmsteen) and Tony Mills (TNT) on vocals, Salvo will replace Greg Bissonette (D.L. Roth) and Magnus Jacobson (Miss Behavior) on drums. Don’t forget that, during the afternoon of the same day, in the same venue, it will take place the worldwide premiere of "Darwin’s Tears" short movie where you will see Davide and Andrea acting on one of the most beautiful songs of the album! A unique and unforgettable event that can’t be missed...

The Age of Ignorance album release party

21 Nov 2012 Here it is the first show for the next year! We will perform at the first step of Emergenza Festival on January 24th at United Club in Torino, Italy.

Emergenza Festival first step

05 Nov 2012 For the second time we will play at Mö-Wa Rockt in Germany, and this time we will headline the festival! For all our friends in Germany, see you in Mörfelden-Walldorf on November 17th!


27 Aug 2012 Dear friends, here we are, ready to restart the live activity for this fall! The first date will be pretty peculiar because it will be an acustic duo, we will play an innovative interpretation of the songs from our debut album "Kingdom of rust"! See you at Untitled II, Saturday September 8th at Muston square in Torre Pellice, IT.

14 Aug 2012 The artwork of Rustfield’s first album: Kingdom of rust! Realized by Candace Hoeckley of Querkwerks Creative (Orlando, FL, USA), this artwork is the best way to express all the various atmospheres on the band's first album.

Artwork of Rustfield’s first album

04 Aug 2012 Our talented drummer Salvo Amato has recorded, this afternoon, drums tracks for a new piece that will appear on a compliation called "Turin by heart", a collection of songs about the splendid first capital city of Italy: Torino! More news soon...

28 Jun 2012 On this last weekend we joined the shooting of "Darwin’s Tears", a short movie based on a song from Docker’s Guild first album! Amazing and funny experience led by a skilled and professional crew: Silos Production. Thank you Douglas for involving us in the project!

Darwin’s Tears shooting

30 May 2012 The work is done! Mike Lind (DIO, Candlemass) of Masterplant studios, Saltsjö-Boo (Sweden) has patiently mastered our first album "Kingdom of rust". All the audio stuff is finally completed and we’re currently working on graphic design. More news as soon as possible...

25 May 2012 Our friends, we have one last upcoming show until the summer break! Saturday June 16th in Cavour, Italy!

Concert in Cavour, Italy

07 May 2012 We’re very happy to render official the joining of Salvo Amato in the band! After playing with us in gigs in Italy and abroad, this young and talented drummer will be the ace up Rustfield’s sleeve and behind the drum’s skins!

Salvatore Amato

10 Apr 2012 Rustfield will play @ Italian Revenge, a new Festival of Italian heavy metal! We'll share the stage with great bands such as White skull, Kappa, Eldritch and many more... You can't miss it, see you @ Rock ’n’ roll arena in Romagnano Sesia (NO), Italy.

Concert poster

05 Apr 2012 The mix is finally over! Andreas Polito and Rustfield have finished working at Rock-Lab Studios di Torino, now all the eleven tracks of the first album "Kingdom of rust" are ready for mastering! Mike Lind will start working on it at Masterplant di Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden!

Andreas Polito and Rustfield

13 Feb 2012 After collaborating with the singer Federica De Boni in recording one track from our first album, Rustfield’s road crosses again White Skull’s one during Sister’s Back Tour. At Audiodrome in Moncalieri, Italy, an Italian heavy metal night!


15 Jan 2012 End of recording session! The last three songs from our very first album are finally complete! Tuesday we'll start mixing at Rock-Lab studio in Torino!

19 Nov 2011 We rode the Rustfield-mobile for 454 km, destination: Vicenza, to meet Federica De Boni from White skull! In The basement studio owned by Federico Pelle, captain Tony Mad Fontò recorded Federica’s vocals for "Waxhopes", song that will appear on our first studio album! We thank Federico and Tony for their helpfulness and, above all, Federica for lending her wonderful voice to our project, for her grit and professionalism.

Federica De Boni recording

01 Nov 2011 First Rustfield's abroad show! We will be guest of Mö-Wa Rockt 2011 festival that will take place on Saturday Nov 12th at Stadthall in Mörfelden-Walldorf, charming place near Frankfurt am Main, Germany!

Festival Mö-Wa Rockt

29 Oct 2011 Dear firends, the first album’s recording are going on very well! Alessandro Spagnuolo has wonderfully recorderd all electric bass tracks on 9 of the 11 songs that will be on the album. The other 2 pieces have been recorded by Davide. Soon Alessandro will record some double bass lines on two of those songs! (the photo you can see here has been taken by Sara Miriam Photo)

Alessandro Spagnuolo recording

13 Oct 2011 We are happy to inform you that every drums and percussions track of our first studio album has been recorded! John Macaluso and Max Gordiani played on 7 and 4, respectively, of the 11 songs that will be on the record. Stay tuned for further news... (the photo you can see here has been taken and edited by Sara Miriam Photo)

John Macaluso and Rustfield

30 Sep 2011 Dear friends, the so long awaited moment has come: Rustfield finally decide to produce their first studio album! We will be honored for the presence of more guest musicians such as: John Macaluso (Ark, Yngwie J. Malmsteen) on drums, Federica De Boni (White skull) on vocals, Douglas R. Docker (Docker’s guild, Area 51, Biloxi) on keyboards, Alessandro Spagnuolo (Twins) on bass guitar and double-bass, Luca Spagnuolo (Twins) on guitar, Max Gordiani (Materdea) on drums; the latter three already being precious elements of the live band. Our first album will feature the updated versions of the 6 tracks previously recorded for "Demo 2009", 3 tracks from the second demo CD "Among the fields of rust" and 2 new and unpublished tracks for a grand total of 11 songs and more than an hour of music!

17 Jul 2011 We are very happy to inform you that we have been chosen, among more than 100 other bands, to play on the stage of "Cuorgnè Rock Festival" 2011, 3rd edition. We still don’t know the day of gig but it will be in the weekend since September 30th to October 2nd in Cuorgnè, Italy.

25 May 2011 We're finishing the new demo CD: "Among the fields of rust"! Drums have been played by Max Gordiani at Rock Lab in Venaria, where tracks have been mixed. Now the mastering session is upcoming and it will take place at Studio Vanara in Turin. The title track is already available on our player, here on the news page...

10 Apr 2011 Showcase at Merula Music Store in Roreto di Cherasco (Italy). On Saturday April 16th, h 16.00. Supporting: Opening Scenery.

10 Apr 2011 The english version of Rustfield’s site goes on-line.